Create-A-Cove office installation application using the round face option. NEW


  • Performance Create-A-Cove is specifically designed to work with our Linear Indoor CoveLine Luminaires.
  • Mounting Options Mounts to flat wall or surface and includes 90° inside and outside corners.
A drawing with space dimensions is required to obtain a quote for Create-A-Cove. Material lengths are determined by SSL.

Create-A-Cove – the economical and time saving LED cove lighting solution.

CREATE-A-COVE™ is a surface mounted housing that’s part of a cove lighting system for interior design applications. It’s specifically designed to use our CoveLine™ Series products. LED CoveLine™ luminaires are sold separately. The modular system allows designers to add Cove Lighting without the additional time and expense of hiring builders and finishers to construct permanent wall coves. It’s perfect for creating design accents, wall washes and grazing effects and is beneficial to both large and small areas. CREATE-A-COVE features straight and 90 degree inside and outside corners that can be run in a continuous linear pattern.

Create a linear LED lighting cove with our economical, time saving Create-A-Cove.
Easily install it on finished walls in offices, hotel rooms, hallways and lobby areas.

Build a lighting cove on a wall without the high cost of builders and finishers. Save on time, money and likely a contractor fee when using Create-A-Cove. It’s made of extruded aluminum. It’s a basic two-part housing that has a round or square face option, including 90° inside and outside corners. It can be installed on a completely finished wall quickly and economically avoiding a huge mess.

Create-A-Cove can be finished in our standard powder coat colors of Silver, Black, Bronze or White. As well as, any custom color (CC) to fit your interior design. Simply provide us with a color chip or an RAL reference number – RAL Powder Coat Paint Index

SAVE Time & Money
Quickly create a lighting cove
Designed for CoveLine Linear LEDs
Any size linear run
Standard or Custom Color Powder Coat
Features inside & outside corners
Safely install on finished surfaces
ADA Compliant

Create-A-Cove is designed to easily work with our Indoor CoveLine Series luminaires.

Construction – Heavy walled, extruded aluminum design. Durable enough to fasten to any interior surface.

Housing – Surface mounted system with round or square face option that fasten directly to a universal wall cleat. Uses alignment keys to ensure straight linear runs. Round or Square End Caps are used to finish linear runs with exposed ends.  Alternatively a linear run can stop at a wall corner and the housing terminates against the wall. The system uses a Light Leak Blocks (for round and square) to prohibit possible light leakage where the linear housings install and meet end-to-end.

Lens – Optional clear lens available.

Mounting – Universal Wall Cleat attaches to wall first, then the round or square housing sets into keyed grooves and is secured in place by set screws.

Finish – Choose from our four standard colors of White, Silver, Bronze and Black, or any custom color to match your design. Our paint system uses a six-stage chemical pre-treatment process that includes iron phosphate, to prepare the substrate for a UV stable, super durable standard polyester powder coat.

LED Source – LED CoveLine luminaires are sold separately. Create A Cove system is designed to work with our all indoor linear CoveLine Series; ECVLX10V (0-10V), ECVL, ECVLX, CVL, CVLX, and CoveLine Color (10 static LED colors to choose from).

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