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ADB2 by Solid State Luminaires

Introducing ADB2 | By Solid State Luminaires

ADB2 (Adjustable Bracket Generation II) Solid State Luminaires Generation II Adjustable Bracket has a superior design. Providing enhanced lighting capabilities with a +/-90° of adjustability for interior cove lighting projects. Available as a SSL Quickship item, ADB2 affixes to any vertical or horizontal interior surface, can be wall ceiling or any surface mount and installed with the fixture attached.

SSL - Wet Cove LED

Wet Cove – Outdoor Linear LED

From efficient, energy-saving LEDs to improved security camera lighting there’s no comparison to the Wet Cove LED Luminaire for facade lighting. It features line voltage IP68 Plug-N-Play connectors for harsh environments. It’s integral driver is universal voltage 120V–277V. Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) trailing edge dimming. A range of delivered lumens from 530–1007 and 24K, 27K, 3K, 35K or 4K color temperatures. Several available optics allow for various light projection. Wet Cove is designed to produce an even linear light pattern. Click to view product specifications.

POD 4.8 Recessed LED

POD 4.8sm

POD 4.8 LEDs POD 4.8 is an 8 module, five inch aperture, square surface mounted downlight with 15° spot, 25° narrow flood or 40° flood distribution. POD 4.8 delivers up to 13,632 lumens, available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. Features a semi-diffuse cone insert with a white square trim ring and available with dimming. POD 4.8 SM (Surface Mount) The POD 4.8 is a powerful LED fixture delivering up to 13,632 lumens. It's much more efficient and cost effective than using several other fixtures to achieve the same result. Below is an example of the Surface Mount version. POD ...Read More

SSL LED Amber Cove Lighting

CoveLine Amber & Blue LED

CoveLine Amber & Blue LEDs -  CoveLine runs at a cool 10 Watts per foot. Wash walls, accent cove lighting or set the ambient light using Amber or Blue. CoveLine Amber Indoor LED CoveLine AMBER sets the mood adding a warm ambient light. CoveLine Specs CoveLine Wet Amber Outdoor LED Hotels, Casinos and other commercial establishments are utilizing the calming effects of AMBER Cove Lighting to create a warm inviting setting. CoveLine Wet Specs   CoveLine Blue Indoor LED  CoveLine runs at a cool 10 Watts per foot. Wash interior walls in blue or accent the interior structure in linear BLUE ...Read More

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