SSL CoveLine Quick Ship

SSL CoveLine Quick Ship

Download – SSL CoveLine Quick Ship

The SSL CoveLine Quick Ship and FC Lighting Go Green Speed Quick Ship catalog have been combined to showcase the power of our speed to market products. This guide contains all SSL CoveLine and Wet Cove products eligible for our 1-week quick ship. SSL CoveLine Quick Ship also illustrates how selecting LED options highlighted in green from the spec sheets qualifies your order for 1-week turnaround. Eligible order quantities are also noted. LED CoveLine Series products in the quick ship program include lighting from both our LINEAR INDOOR & LINEAR OUTDOOR categories.

The SSL Quick Ship program guide is unique in that you can order directly from our cut sheets. This guide also contains the terms and conditions for the program. You’ll notice the 1-week turnaround time with up to a 100 piece order on all eligible orders. Just open the file and click through to find the product your seek or browse each category to find other products that meet your specific needs!

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